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Retail Software

The main concern of the Retail Management System software is to provide its users with highly secure and confidential retail management service that is taken care by the excellent administrative section. Retail software pays much attention towards an uncomplicated and easy financial system to the users. The five module-financial steps that include the facilities of money transaction through various kinds of vouchers and journals are also very appreciable. The financial analysis system that is very professional and high-class is a great help in order to keep the records of trial balance, balance sheet, profit/loss and sub ledger opening report. Apart from that the Retail software maintains normal reports consisting of corresponding financial transaction. We also provide exceptional setup section from where we create Masters related to financial transaction. Retail software is one of the most reliable management system softwares that provide the facility of inventory which is a most important feature in maintaining and keeping tracks of the merchandises of the retail outlets. Starting from the transaction that are related to inward and outward stock entry which follows the stock audit, inventory analysis and transaction everything is done with full details and proficiency.

This comprehensive guide to retail applications is primarily designed for retailers selecting new systems.It will also be valuable to vendors looking for new retail partners or potential resellers in the English speaking world. Many software companies use it to check out their competition. Covering 25 different retail application areas with detailed vendor and product profiles this directory literally covers all the retail applications available. Over 680 vendors featured. .

Advantage of a Retail Software


With the advent of technology, retail software are quickly becoming buzz in all sector of retail businesses — from fast food outlets to trendy gift shops. A comprehensive retail management system can encompass all retail business requirements to improve inventory positions, increase profit and better customer service reducing operational and wage costs. Big or small, every retailer undoubtedly may enjoy immediate return on their investment choosing the right retail software. .

Below are just some highlights of the benefits you’ll reap just by selecting the right point of sale system for your retail business. .

Saving Money and Service Excellence.

Today’s retail software solution is built on solid retail business logic in such a way that it can cater all kind of needs of any retail store with end-user level customizations and streamlining costly business processes – adaptable for a single or multiple outlets. Smart sales reports provides a bird’s eye view of your entire business—focusing on high or slow moving stocks—allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions. .

Managing Business in More Efficient Manner.

A comprehensive Retail solution definitely assures precise improvement in any retail business. .

Hassle-free in Inventory Management. .

Retail software will provide details on current stock of items, reminding additional stock requirement to smoothly operating the business, inventory cost estimations etc. Maintaining stock details and sales through a computerized POS system will provide accurate information the stock movement. Thus any theft, wastage, damage of items can be tracked efficiently. .

Auto calculation of tax. .

Professional retail software should be capable of all types of VAT and Tax calculations, with multi-currency facility. .

Proper anticipation of sales trends..

Various MIS reports help to forecast sales correctly so that you can stock more products that give you greater profits and fewer products that give you the least amount of profit. This will contribute to your business overall profitability and success. .

No longer checkout lines..

Your customers will appreciate a quicker, more accurate checkout experience they will get from the right retail point of sale software. For faster credit card authorizations, select a retail software package with integrated credit card processing and high-speed credit card authorizations via an Internet gateway. .

Correctly examining sales and expenses. .

A complete retail software will provide you consolidated data on the money your business owes to different vendors (i.e. Accounts Payables) and the money owed by customers to your business (i.e. Accounts Receivable), allowing you to monitor and control the collection and disbursement at any time – easily calculating daily gross revenue, cost and profit. .

Positive Decision. .

Trendy BI reports with statistics/graphs boost the strength of the software which eventually may provide shortened lead-time to respond (in making any strategic decision even) to any market changes. .