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Websoftex Microfinance Software is a leading software development company that offers high facility Loan management Software in all Over India that performing all kinds of loan scheduling process, it is specially designed Websites for very small up to a large scale operation. As, Loan management software perfect track of all customer payments and accurately calculates the portion of each payment that is to be applied to interest, principal, and etc. NBFC loan Management Software is performing all types of loans, including standard home loan, mortgages, and more types of loan schedules. 

  • Target Group

To meet the credit requirements of all type of traders/service providers/Professional in Manufacturing and Service sector 

  • Eligibility

All type of traders/service providers/Professionals etc 

  • Eligibility and Loan Amount

Based on the project cost/projected turnover 

Nature of Facility

    • Loans/Overdrafts
  • Security
    •    As per scheme guidelines
    •    Charge on the assets created out of the Finance like Hypothecation of stock
    •    Collateral security if any like mortgage of property, Pledging of NSCs, Assignment of LIC Policies etc


  • Repayment
    •    As per scheme guidelines
    •    For loans normally 3 to 7 years
    •    Overdraft account to be renewed once in a year
  • Interest rate
    •    As per scheme guidelines