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Websoftex Software Solutions has vast experience in development of Credit Co-operative Society Software. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs. We deliver tailor-made cost-effective, scalable and robust solutions. We offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective custom software development solutions using the most advanced software platforms and technologies in projects including web application and design to customers from the small and medium enterprise. We are able to take care of software development projects from all enterprises.
We are offering the Highest Level Credit Co-operative Society Software in Affordable Price. If you want to start Multi State Credit Co-operative Society with a High Banking Security based Software, we can offer you the Best Solutions.

Credit Co-operative Society Software Features

Master Entry

1. Branch Master
2. Bank Master
3. Relation Master
4. Target Master
5. Commission Master
6. Rank Master
7. Member Master
8. Interest Master
9. Loan Master
10. Scheme Master
11. Account Master
12. Dividend Master
13. Financial Year Master

Entry Module

1. Member Entry / Modify
2. Installment Entry Module
3. Maturity Entry Module
4. Loan Entry
5. Pay In / Out Entry

Admin Section

1. Voucher Setting
2. Commission Generation
3. Create User and Password
4. Modify, Edit and Delete Any Data
5. User Management

Maturity Module

1. Maturity Requisition
2. Maturity Approval
3. Maturity Payout
4. Maturity Setting

Account Module

1. Cash Book / Bank Book
2. Day Book
3. Trial Balancer
4. Journal Entry
5. Automatic Cash Sheet / Balance Sheet
6. Voucher payment
7. MIS Cheque Payment
8. Maturity Payment
9. Branch Money Transfer
10. Branch Money Received
11. Bank Deposit
12. Others Income Entry
13. Expenditure Entry

Reports Module

1. Share Reports
2. Dividend Reports
3. Accounts Details Reports
4. Receipt Printing
5. Branch Wise Business Report
6. Renewal Due Report
7. Agent Wise Business Report
8. Month Wise Business Report
9. Policy Wise Business Report
10. Collection Report Report (All Category)
11. Business Report Report (All Category)
12. Commission Report

Printing Module

1. Money Receipt Print
2. All Types of Certificate Print
3. Share Print
4. Voucher Print
5. Pass Book Print
6. Receipt Print

General Features

1. User Management
2. Real Time Update
3. SMS / E-mail Notifications
4. Fully Customizable
5. All Reports for Audit Purpose
6. User Friendly GUI
7. Easy to Handle