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Gift Plan software

This is one type of Income in MLM Business plan which can be added in any MLM Business plan at any level. In this Income if you will gift some Amount to others then you will be awarded by Income which can be in multiple of your gifted income. We can understand it in a better way by the help of an example.

This software works like a gift manager who know about each steps of this plan. There is no need to remember complex conditions of gift sending process. It will track all things by own.

You can call this software a donation manager software as well. This software compatible to different types of business plans. You can set all gift sending condition at once and it will manage according to your instructions. So it will make your task easier and save time for so you can take care of other things by purchasing this from us.

Features of Gift Plan

Due Gift Details

Received Gift Details

Sent Gift Details

Received Gift Master

Send Gift Master

Gift Master

Gift Planning Master